Monday, 21 March 2011

What do you think of your final cut ?

I believe our final cut could have been improved if I had performed the psychiatrist scene better, I feel the concept was good however we could have carried it out to a better standard. This would create the effect that 'Mikey' is emotionally unstable. Another thing I feel we could have done better was the scene of the phone and door. We show the phone by itself on the stairs as if it has been staged. I feel for greater effect we should have put it into a everyday scenario where it is on its holder or amongst other things.

However, I feel showing Mikey's feelings and thoughts in the aftermath of the 'murder' was done well as he appears very paranoid and unstable. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

ideas to improve our thriller to show Mikey's feelings

This is Mikey's fifth meeting with his psychiatrist and he is still trying to overcome his hatred for John after years of being ridiculed. He is asked to explain his problems and feelings towards John, which then become motives for a murder.


Mikey: It's been constant for five years straight, the bullying, hounding the taunts and the relentless beatings. It's all escalated from there. I want him to see the pain and misery i've had to deal with for years
/// Mikey tries to get up from the bed, heading towards the door, the psychiatrist covers the door not letting him leave ///
/// Mikey tries to walk out but is stopped by the psychiatrist ///
Psychiatrist: Sit down, you're not leaving yet.
Mikey: I need to get out of this place he's taken my freedom.... my independence away from me, i can't go out without feeling people are judging me. I need to know he's gone from my life I can't live like this anymore.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Lesson By Lesson Diary

Thursday 3 March 2011

Completed rest of our blog posts

Monday 14 March 2011

Got feedback about our rough cut and complete two more blog posts

Wednesday 16 March 2011

finding ideas to help with our feedback to help us improve and to show mikeys feelings after he has seem to have killed john

Rough Cut Feedback

After receiving feedback about our rough cut film, we found that we need to improve the scene involving Mikey being bullied by John and make sure we focus in on Mikey's immediate feelings and his growing hatred towards John. We were told to decide how we were best going to portray these feelings but still leaving unanswered questions to engage the audience.

How else might you advertise your film?

One way we would advertise our film would be during advert breaks show a trailer. Since how many people watch television daily, it will be easy to attract the attention of the audience. We can specifically advertise the trailer in between breaks of another thriller or suitable sub genre's such as action/ horror as this is the kind of audience we want to watch our film. Furthermore we could advertise our film as adverts on the internet. There are more and more film advertisements on the side of websites now like Youtube. This would be a very direct way of advertising as it would immediately catch the user's eye. Lastly, we can also advertise the film in a local newspaper. You frequently see local cinema's advertise their films in local newspaper's and this will allow people who live nearby and read the paper to come and watch it.

what kind of cinema would your film be released in ?

Our film would be released in a small or independent cinema as it would be made on a low-budget and not backed by big companies. Therefore it would be more suited to an arts cinema like the Picture-house in Cambridge. This is because it was made independently, and we won't have the budget for it to be shown in a multiplex cinema.